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dream 405

A lion and a sardine were swimming in the sea.  The lion came from the forest.
So it became a sea-lion. Then came a wild fish and they played together. They swam and played, dark green and gray, brown and dark gray, deep in the sea, lion, sardine and barracuda.
I woke up in my bed and it was almost summer.

By: peanut


Concept-Design: Petros Babasikas, Chrissoula Voulgari, Farzad More / Drifting City
Project Manager: Petros Babasikas
Web Developer: Dimitris Doukas
Video: Sebastien Seixas
Original Sound and music: Lambros Pigounis

the WWW | Byzantine Museum, Athens |
HKSZ Biennale Hong Kong


Dreamgrove is an ongoing participatory project that connects a webpage (and iPhone App) to an interactive garden. It contains dreams. The app and webpage record them in a public, virtual field; the garden narrates them through an interactive soundscape - a platform, encounter structures, sensor & speaker assembly, originally fitted in a medieval courtyard. From its original installation, the physical space of the project has been redesigned for various exhibition proposals. Based on theories of memory and mental mapping, the project combines the digital and botanical, transforming private texts into public space. Gardens allow us to enter into ideal world-structures by synaesthesia, memory and perception. Our contemporary gardens are virtual spaces. Dreamgrove offers a shared experience of private memories that are never fully authored. The project is an interactive hearing-aid to a networked unconscious - a surreal, other-worldly break with reality, that gives back to speaking, writing and drifting some of their long-lost aura.

Reference: On Dreams by ARISTOTLE