The River

Athens, Greece

Concept-Design: Petros Babasikas, Chrissoula Voulgari / Drifting City
Associates: Farzad More, Kassiani Leontiadou
Student Interns: Anthi Vathi, Dimitra Bra, Katia Milia, Annita Douka
Lighting Designer: Nikoleta Theodoridi
LED Programmers: Thanos Kalkanis, Demos Kapetanelis
Contractor: Future Constructions EE
Sound Artists and Interactivity Consultans: Lambros Pigounis, Panos Tsagarakis

Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens Greece

The River transforms human, urban and cultural movement into data and then creates new movement through its architecture. It flows over the lobby of a Cultural Centre in Athens, mapping and feeding back change from inside and outside the building. The River is a 110m long frieze carrying an embedded, programmable, transparent LED display. Integrated with projections, touchscreens and furniture in a continuous material structure with a series of architectural plug-ins, the River broadcasts images, words and information, directs movement from the City to the Stage, generates encounters and creates collectivities through touch. The River is both hardware and software; virtual and physical; interactive - digital and analog - fluid, solid and discretely luminous. It introduces and activates architectural forms and interfaces between dynamic events - the crowd, performance, traffic or atmosphere - and their representations - shape, notation, light, images and words - in the Arts and Letters. The River tells linear and non-linear stories.