The River

The River transforms human, urban and cultural movement into dat and then creates new movement through its architecture. It flows over the lobby of a Cultural Centre in Athens, mapping and feeding bac change from inside and outside the building. The River is a 110m long frieze carrying an embedded, programmable, transparent LED display.
Integrated with projections, touchscreen and furniture i a continuous material structure with a series of architectural plug-ins, the River broadcasts images, words and information, directs movemen from the City to the Stage, generates encounters and creates collectivitie through touch. The River is both hardware and software; virtual and physical;
interactive - digital and analog - fluid, solid and discretely luminous.
It introduces and activates architectura forms and interfaces between dynamic events - the crowd, performance traffic or atmosphere - and their representations - shape, notation, light, images and words - in the Arts and Letters. The River tells linear and non-linear stories.

With Petros Babasikas.
Associates: Farzad More, Kassiani Leontiadou.
Student Interns: Anthi Vathi, Dimitra Bra,
Katia Milia, Annita Douka.
Lighting Designer: Nikoleta Theodoridi.
LED Programmers: Thanos Kalkanis,
Demos Kapetanelis.
Contractor: Future Constructions.
Sound Artists and Interactivity Consultans:
Lambros Pigounis, Panos Tsagarakis.

Proposal for the Onassis Cultural Centre