Chrysoula Voulgari was born in Athens Greece. She is an artist working across photography, video and installation.
She lives in Toronto.

Photograph by Yorgos Prinos

2019 - Oneiroi - New Circadia, Architecture and Design Gallery, Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto Canada
2019- The Tourists: Depression Era Project, 13.700.000km3, Schwarz Foundation, Art Space Pythagion, Samos Greece
2019 - The Tourists: Depression Era Project, The Anatomy of Political Melancholy, Athens Conservatoire, Athens Greece
2019 - Photography in Crisis: Depression Era Project (retrospective exhibition), Slought Foundation, Philadelphia USA
2018 - The Tourists: Depression Era Project, Unseen CO-OP, Amsterdam Nederlands
2017 - The Tourists, Make Yourselves at Home: Depression Era Project
The Decline of Heroes Exhibition: CULTURESCAPES Festival 2017, Antikenmuseum, Basel Switzerland
2017 - Make Yourselves at Home, Public Space Campaign, Athens Greece.
2016 - Readings, Vovousa Festival, Epirus Greece
2015 - Habitation (Omonoia Index): Depression Era Project
Athens Biennale 5to6, Synapse I, Baggeion Hotel, Omonoia Square, Athens Greece
2015 - Rock, a Sonic Garden, Aural Lighthouses 2015, The Santozeum Museum, Santorini Greece
2014 - Depression Era Project, New Benaki Museum, Athens Greece
2014 - Depression Era Project, Csontváry Müvészeti Udvanház Bercsényi Hall, Budapest Hungary
2014 - Depression Era Project, Le Mois de la Photo, Maison Européenne de la Photographie-Central Dupon Images, Paris, France
2014 - Depression Era Project, No country for young men: contemporary Greek art in times of crisis, BOZAR Le Palais des Beaux Arts & Atelier Bouwmeester, Brussels Belgium
2012 - Drip II: There is an Island, Part of Wonder: Incredible Installations (Mayor of London), Victoria Park, London UK
2010 - Drip I, Green Design Festival 2: Architecture Climate Change, Syntagma Square, Athens Greece
2009 -, Hong Kong & Shenzen Bi-City Biennale of Architecture & Urbanism, W Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, Hong Kong.
2008 -, Unbuilt (International Architecture Research Events), Byzantine Museum (Main Courtyard), Athens Greece
2004 - Eclipse 1 and 2, Catch the Light: Routes through Athens: Outdoor Group Photography Exhibition on Building facades of the Historic Center of Athens for the Olympics: Eclipse 1, Amalias 22 (Zappeion), Eclipse 2, Kotzia Square, Athens Greece

Screenings2012 -, 6th Athens Video Art International Festival of Digital Arts & New Media, Technopolis Museum, Athens Greece2005 - Eclipse, Voies Off Festival, Arles France
1999 - I remember once, Video Art Festival, “Ton Kairon” Theatre, Athens Greece

2016 - Greek Moment Grec, Edition du Regard. Paris, France.
2015 - Artists in Residence, Eagles Palace, Halkidiki, Greece
2014 - Depression Era catalogue, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece.
2014 - Depression Era catalogue, BOZAR – Centre For Fine Arts and Atelier Bouwmeester, Brussels, Belgium.
2012 - Made in Athens, 13th International Architecture Exhibition, Catalogue, Venice, Greece.
2012 - Instant Culture, architecture and urbanism as a collective progress, Hong Kong.

Awards & Recognition
2019 - Winner, Circadia, Toronto Canada
2019 - Nominee, Webby Award, Net Art Category, IADAS New York NY,, webpage
2013 - Judge, EBGE Awards, All Digital Categories, Greek Graphic Designers Association Athens GR
2010 - Nominee, Webby Award, Net Art Category, IADAS New York NY, webpage & interactive garden
2009 - Winner, Webby Award, Net Art Category, IADAS New York NY, webpage & interactive garden
2009 - Winner, EBGE Awards, General Interactive Applications Category, Greek Graphic Designers Association Athens Greece, webpage & interactive garden

2012-2019 - Member and Co-curator, Depression Era Collective