Omonoia and Bagkeion constitute our raw material. Omonoia is not just a square, but also a network of people, spaces,and situations. It stands on its own as a symbol-object, historically uninhabitable. Omonoia is the people that ceaselessly pass through it and around it. Today, when millions of refugees are crossing through Europe once more, in Omonoia, a “hearthless abode” is being created. How, through anon-place do we imagine an ecumenical hearth? Habitation, is a work that is looking for lodging within the agony and estrangement of our times. It is a practical contemplation on dwelling.
Ten issues were produced from members and guests of the Depression Era collective during its project “Habitation” at the Athens Biennale 5to6 Synapse. 

Athens Biennale 5to6, Synapse 1
Depression Era, Habitation
Bagkeion Hotel, Omonoia, Greece

Research, Sketch: Chrysoula Voulgari, Petros Babasikas, Anthi Rosi
Photographs: Tassos Langis, Panagiotis Deftereos

︎ Issue #8

19 - 28.11.2015