1. Forest

Tuesday October 6th.
Stageira. Ancient currency buried in the path.
The guard takes it away. Bearberries and mushrooms.

Saturday October 3rd.
Cloud-town. The ruins of Zygos Monastery.
A thunderstruck tree. Wall to the Mountain.Boulders and sycamore trees inside the dry river bed.
Lakes of light.

2. Eagles Palace

Monday October 5th.
2nd Floor, 212-225. Steps approaching.
1st floor, hidden elevator. Baths. Steam cloud, dark and dense.
Two still figures in the depths.
Clouds, beach.

Saturday October 3rd.
A thud in the veranda. On the floor, stunned, a tiny yellow wagtail.
We make a move. She flies away.

3. Desert Island

Friday October 2nd.
Inside the bed of seaweed, a concrete boulder.
Floating white platform levitates among an
archipelago of buoys.

Sunday October 4th.
Western beach. The remains of a ceremony.
Small ovens carved inside the rock. Strong currents.
Schools of needle-fish. Two recumbent trees,
a stone’s throw to the neighbouring island.
Horns of large animals stir behind the ridge.

Alien connect threads of broader narrations and obsessive details.

Photographs, book
Artists in Residence:
Eagle Palace Hotel, Halkidiki, Greece.

Texts: Petros Babasikas