drip II, there is an island

Drip is a public installation that grows as it self-destructs.  It is structured as a steel pavilion which contains an intricate vertical garden.  Inside it, two separate hydraulic systems create water movement;  this nourishes 12 halophyte plants and slowly dissolves a canopy of salt into 14 stalactites.  Dripping down and growing up, the two slowly compete against each other.  A sculpture is formed under the canopy, by water circulation and weather.  Atmosphere and gravity ultimately transform it into a steel, organic and inorganic hybrid.  The project works like an urban hourglass, creating its own weather, growing rapidly when it rains.  Drip combines, in public space, the basic elements of an Island:  isolation, loom, perimeter, hinterland, the ebb, flow and spray of salt and fresh water, and the shadow of trees.

Pavillion, Vertical Garden:
Victoria Park, London UK.

Commission, Mayor of London Presents: Incredible Installations
07 - 09.2012

Concept & Design: Petros Babasikas, Chrysoula Voulgari, Farzad More
Designer: Chrysoula Voulgari
Associate: Kassiani Leontiadou
Contractor & Structural Engineer: S. Stathakis / FutureConstructions EE