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Omonoia and Bagkeion constitute our raw material. Omonoia is not just a square, but also a network of people, spaces,and situations. It stands on its own as a symbol-object, historically uninhabitable. Omonoia is the people that ceaselessly pass through it and around it. Today, when millions of refugees are crossing through Europe once more, in Omonoia, a “hearthless abode” is being created. How, through anon-place do we imagine an ecumenical hearth? Habitation is a work that is looking for lodging within the agony and estrangement of our times. It is a practical contemplation on dwelling.
Ten issues were produced from members and guests of the Depression Era collective during its project “Habitation” at the Athens Biennale 5 to 6 Synapse.
19 - 28.11.2015

Athens Biennale 5to6, Synapse 1
Depression Era, Habitation
Bagkeion Hotel, Omonoia, Greece

Research, Sketch: Chrysoula Voulgari, Petros Babasikas, Anthi Rosi
Photographs: Tassos Langis, Panagiotis Deftereos

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