Rock is a sonic garden made up of three porous black monoliths arranged in a cluster of complementing forms.  Its blocks are resonators, responsive to human presence.  They emit vibrations and generate a changing soundscape.  Rock is built as a result of interdisciplinary research in the material possibilities of water-permeable concrete, its possible connection with sound and their physical interaction with the human body.  Rock is inert – cast and carved.  Rock is a clement monument.

Public Installation, Sonic Garden:
Santozeum Museum, Santorini, Greece.

Commission, Aural Lighthouses, the Santozeum Museum

Concept: Chrysoula Voulgari, Petros Babasikas
Design Principal: Petros Babasikas
Sound & Interactivity: Sebastien Seixas
Curator: Ileana Drinovan Nomikos
Concrete Material & Technology: Lafarge Beton